About Us

The year was 1974, and the dream was serving the community of Conroe, Texas. Roy Morton acquired Conroe Welding Supply on the basis of serving the community while providing for his family. An astounding 46 years later, Roy has expanded the business to serve much of East Texas. When acquired in 1974, the company only employed a mere 10 people. We are proud to say, that as of 2019, our team has grown to around 50 members. Conroe Welding Supply is a family owned and operated business with 3 generations working in the business. We are a service oriented organization that is here to stay. We operate with the mentality that the customer is number one and our first priority.

CWS. We Care. We Work. We Serve.



Our team at Conroe Welding Supply is here to serve you! We believe in serving our customers with speed, professionalism and consistency. You are number one to us and you deserve a trustworthy, reliable and efficient welding supply distributor. If you have an experience with us that is not quite described by these words, please let us know. We are always striving to improve and grow each and every day.


The values below represent Conroe Welding Supply’s daily efforts in serving its customers.

Availability, Being the best, Commitment, Compassion, Consistency, Courage, Diversity,

Education, Efficiency, Excellence, Faith, Family, Freedom, Generosity, Growth, Integrity,

Professionalism, Reliability, Speed,  Support, Teamwork, Timeliness,




Community Involvment

Community involvement is an integral part of the way we do business at Conroe Welding Supply. Our team is involved in community activities such as CAYB (Conroe Area Youth Baseball), Conroe Noon Lions ClubMontgomery County A&M Club and even the Conroe/ Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce. Roy Morton, our owner, served as the chairman of our own Conroe Chamber in the 2010 year. Community is an important value to us at CWS and we want to instill that into our customers. We are not just here for ourselves, we are here to serve our community.